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We are a team of passionate, creative and highly skilled individuals with more than 5 years of experience as a digital marketers and SEO specialists.

Our mission is to grow your online presence and social media audience. Using a combination of our marketing experience and huge social network community. We'll help your content get discovered by people who are passionate about it.

With our services, we focus on quality not quantity and we always deliver more than what you have ordered.

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The CONFIDENCE that comes with 1000s of likes and video views. The BRAND RECOGNITION necessary for success. The FREEDOM to do it all without spending years in front of your computer.

Welcome to Gough Branding, the only Instagram solution proven over 9 years and countless industries to raise your natural viewership and followers. Rated the #1 Instagram account solution, we boost you to the top of Instagram's algorithm effortlessly with more likes, more views, and more followers.

What if your posts were boosted to top spots...your brand recognized by hundreds or thousands of followers..and you became an Influencer who got tons of engagement EVERY TIME they posted?

Truth is, there's nearly a BILLION active Instagram users, so it can be easy to be drowned out...

Even if you have a great brand, a great life, or a great idea, the odds that you'll be recognized naturally is about as likely as being struck by lightning while turning in a winning lottery ticket.

But there's a trick that pros use. See, algorithms used by social media platforms tend to boost posts that are already popular, which basically just reinforces the status quo: the noticed get more noticed.

What Gough Branding does is powerfully, quickly, and easily bring your posts to hundreds or thousands of followers – both new and existing.

According to a schedule of your choice, Gough Branding puts the control in YOUR hands: your posts get boosted and you gain new followers because of our active, natural engagement.

Get Noticed

See hundreds or even thousands of new Likes with every post, improving your odds of hitting Top Rated Posts. As the premiere Instagram boosting company around, we take pride in getting our clients in front of a crowd.

Proven, Risk-Free

Instagram compliance and security is very important to us. Every action we take appears natural, and we never ask for your password--ever!


Our service works in the background so you can concentrate on your posts. You never have to run a program or visit a website; everything is completely automated to boost your popularity.


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