Landing Page Design

Ready for a Custom High-Performing Landing Page That Converts Traffic Into Leads & Sales?

We get online marketing. So, when it comes to designing your landing pages, we know it’s not simply about designing something that looks pretty. We combine our world-class design skills with marketing expertise to help increase your conversion rates, get a better return on your advertising spend and ultimately help you reach your marketing and business goals.

Could Your Existing (or Future) Landing Pages Be Losing You Money?

In order to get the best ROI from your marketing and advertising efforts, you need to create a stand-alone landing page which leads to the single desired action you want your visitors to take (Opt in, become a lead, make a sale, book into you calendar, call you).

Unfortunately for a lot of businesses, they waste a whole lot of money on Google Adwords, Facebooks Ads, SEO and driving traffic to…

a) the wrong place OR…

b) to a landing page that doesn’t convert.

If your landing pages aren’t converting, there are two main reasons why this is happening…

Your landing page is designed poorly, gives a lacklustre first impression and doesn’t convey the value of what you’ve got to offer.
Your landing page isn’t using the psychological influences that are responsible for converting your visitors into action takers who will buy from you.

Gough Branding, ours do both.

What makes Gough Branding so different?

We’ll be completely honest with you… we’re not the only design company that can take care of reason #1 and make your landing pages look pretty. Unfortunately though, most design companies don’t know how to convert your visitors into action takers… Put simply, they’re not marketing experts. They can create something pretty for you… but it does nothing… Crickets. So, you end up wasting a ton of money on marketing and running advertising campaigns with nothing to show for it. Annoying, right? How do we create world-class designs that also focus on conversions?

It’s a bit of a trade secret

We’ve spent years analyzing data, using eye-tracking software, creating thousands of designs and we’ve seen behind the scenes of landing pages that get millions of visitors a day. When we design, we factor in the psychological influences that determine when and why people buy from you. We know the formula to get your visitors to take action. We can help you increase leads. And importantly…We can help you convert traffic into sales.

Want us to let you in on one of our trade secrets?

We know that when it comes to creating landing pages for your marketing campaign, copy writing is king. It combines the art and science of words that sells your amazing offer and we understand the important role that design plays to enhance this message. So, we utilize the right hierarchy principles without ruining the flow of your copy to make sure you get the best result possible for your offer. When you get this right, you captivate your visitors within seconds. Then there’s one final piece of the puzzle that brings it all together…

We create your landing pages to guide your visitors into taking the number one desired action you want them to take.

Having a landing page that converts traffic into sales is where the magic happens for your business. It’s our ‘secret sauce’ and why a lot of the best marketers in the world use Gough Branding. Our mission at Gough Branding is to become a part of your team.

To work with you to create something that helps you get a better ROI on your marketing & advertising dollar.

Are you ready for a high performing landing page?