Logo & Branding Design Service

Your brand identity is what sets you apart from your competitors. It creates an instant sense of recognition through an authentic combination of visual and textual elements. Ultimately, it conveys whether you really are special or just adding to the noise.

Brand Logo Design Service

Your logo is on the front lines of everything your company does. It is displayed on your invoices, webpages, emails, coffee mugs, shirts, stickers, and everything in between. This design needs to exemplify everything your company stands for in a single image. At the end of the day, we make sure your logo is the brand element that really sticks out in people’s minds.

Some of Gough Branding Creations -

Stand out from the crowd with a logo that fits your brand personality.

Brochure Design Services

The perfect brochure should exemplify your brand at a single glance. It should give people everything they need in order to say “YES!” Our design team offers fully custom brochure services with the goal of placing you above the crowd in your industry.

Stationery Design Services

Every single piece of company stationery is a powerful branding opportunity. The act of physically connecting with objects that bear your company logo and messaging leaves an impression that digital design simply cannot match. This is why smart businesses have been investing in professional stationery design services for generations.

Full Branding Design Service & Process

Go beyond the logo to establish your brand's identity, colors, and fonts!

1. Discovery & Research

We start the process with an in-depth discovery and research phase where we look into what your brand is and stands for. We also conduct a competitive analysis to understand the trends in the market segment and how to ensure your identity stands apart.

2. Brand Style Guide

One of the essential documents any business can have is a brand style guide to ensure brand consistency throughout any collateral you produce – no matter who created it. This style guide includes your primary and secondary logo technical specs, usage rules, color palettes, fonts, typography, image styles and more.

3. Primary Logo Design

The key to your brand visual language is the primary logo design. Getting this right is crucial to how the rest of the brand identity would turn out. We specialise in creating logo designs that not only look awesome but also align with your brand message and story.

4. Secondary Icon/Mark

Next, we will create a secondary brand mark that can be used on merchandise, apparel (t-shirts, hats), social media and used as a seal or stamp or embossed decal on leather etc.

5.Brand Social Media Design

We will create a beautiful Facebook cover image and avatar that you can use to brand your Facebook business page and create the right impact on your page followers and community. We will also create an email signature image.

6. Matching Stationery

To create a consistent visual identity, we will also create a matching business card, letterhead, and envelope design along with Facebook cover image and avatar as well as an email signature.

Ready To Take Your Brand To The Next Level?

We offer you unlimited design revisions until approved to ensure you love your new brand.